Thames Amazons:

A fearsome tribe of women warriors! 

Thames Taniwhas:

Taniwhas are said to resemble fish, with fins and scales, only they walk on four legs. Like many New Zealand Dragons, they were good creatures who did no harm, unless angered. Taniwhas were water-dwelling creatures who preferred deep water due to their enormous size, where they generally kept to themselves.

Thames Titans:

Often called the Elder Gods, the Titans were the firstborn children of Uranus and Gaea. They had incredible size and incredible strength. Some Titans were imagined as having enormous human forms but with serpent tails instead of legs. The Titans were numerous, and their tasks were varied (and sometimes nebulous) according to different legends. Oceanus was the Titan of the oceans and seas, was the god of the great river that circled the entire earth and bore his name.

Thames Vikings:

Berzerkers! enough said, look it up…